Mission & Vision

Mission: The mission of Cache Trails Alliance is to plan, promote, preserve, protect, construct and maintain public trails throughout Cache Valley and the surrounding mountains. We plan to achieve this by:

  • Leading the maintenance and improvement of the current trail system
  • Advocating for new sustainably constructed trails and reroutes of existing trails
  • Providing opportunities for outdoor recreational access
  • Promoting and educating on the legal, ethical, safe and appropriate uses of trails
  • Encouraging kindness and respect between trail user groups
  • Providing expert assistance in sustainable trail design, building, and maintenance
  • Working with other trail user groups, land managers, tribal entities, and policy makers to develop fair and responsible policies for the use of public and private lands in Cache Valley

Vision: Cache Trails Alliance envisions a future where knowledgeable and diverse trail users safely and ethically recreate on a network of sustainable trails, participate in activities to improve and maintain trails, and treat other users with kindness and respect.

To achieve this mission and vision, Cache Trails Alliance will create partnerships with groups of common interest in trails, outdoor recreation, healthy living and sustainable community development. Through these partnerships; inspire, motivate, and lead communities to preserve, develop, maintain, and promote the use of trails and outdoor recreation. Provide a central resource for all things involving trails including: events, volunteer trail work, fundraising for trails, trail maps and guides, and trail recreation and conservation policies. Foster trail use and connectivity by helping groups and the public direct trail events and link existing and new trail systems together. Through these connections and partnerships, show the links between communities and the environment around them, self powered travel, exercise, healthy living, the outdoors and quality of life.

Cache County is located in northern Utah and known for it's easy access to an incredible system of single-track trails open to a variety of trail users. We recognize this trail system faces high user demand and requires a huge effort to maintain which strains the resources of public and private landowners. Accordingly, we seek to provide support in organizing volunteers to maintain, clean, repair and reroute trails.

We acknowledge that both the US Forest Service and Cache County have existing trails programs. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we seek to provide a private organization to expand trail development using volunteer efforts, trail adoptions, and corporate fundraising beyond the capabilities of existing government entities.